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Coopers Bakehouse ~ Sunnybank, Brisbane

Ever thought about having ribs for breakfast? Now you can at Coopers Bakehouse in Sunnybank! It’s a small café with both indoor and outdoor seating portraying a Western-like atmosphere, and delivering authentic Vietnamese food.

I first heard about them on Instagram and messaged them briefly about where they will be located and when they will be opened. Sadly I did not go to their opening launch day, but I did go the week after with a friend. I remembered walking and Lisa recognised me from my Instagram (mind you I did feel like a VIP haha), she was such a lovely hostess, we were shown to a table outside and introduced to the menu.

For drinks we both ordered the Iced Vietnamese Drip Coffee (Ca Phe Phin Da) *Authentic Vietnamese drip coffee served in a drip filter with condensed milk*


For meals I ordered their signature Coopers Maple BBQ Ribs served with 2 hash browns and a fried egg. These ribs were probably the best I’ve ever had, the meat basically falls off the bone and cooked perfectly; and the maple barbeque sauce wasn’t too overpowering.


And my friend ordered the Pho *48 hours deep brewed broth with rice noodles, rare beef slices, beef meatballs, Thai basil, beansprouts, wedge of lemon and chilli on the side* my friend gave me some Pho to try (I mean that’s what friends are for right?!). I usually don’t order Pho because I’ve had a bad experience with it before, and it kind of just threw me off. However I’m glad I got to try it because it has given me a new perspective! The beef, in my opinion, was not too rare or too chewy which I like. The main thing I loved about it was the broth, one sip and you can feel that a lot of hard work and time has been put into it.



64 Troughton Road, Sunnybank


07 3344 5662


Saturdays & Sundays: 7:30am – 3pm

-F xo


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