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What’s In My University Bag?

Hey guys, so today I’ve decided to go on a different approach for my blog. Instead of posting about food, today’s post is about “What’s in my university bag?” and I hope you will enjoy it!

I recently bought myself a Kate Hill bag from DFO Jindalee, they were having a sale and I thought, “Treat yo self!” I remembered walking in and I was instantly drawn to this particular bag, because of its tote-like style and also I’ve always wanted a tote bag. So briefly about the bag: in the main compartment there are 2 slip pockets and a padded section (perfect for laptops); a large slip pocket which is secured with a magnetic snap in the front; and an additional zip pocket at the back (for more info, click here).



Okay now back to the topic! In my university bag are the following:

  • iPhone (obviously! I don’t know how I’ll survive without it)
  • Go card (I take the bus so this is a must have)
  • Wallet (also another must have, I mean how will I get through lectures without any caffeine?)
  • Mac (I like to type down notes at times)
  • 2 power banks (just in case if my phone is losing battery, and I have backup)
  • Earphones (also another must have, as I always listen to music on the bus)
  • iPhone cable (to charge my iPhone with)thumb_sam_0976_1024
  • Pencil case (which has the usual pens, pencils, eraser, highlighter)
  • Exercise book
  • Glasses
  • Water bottle (for those who know me, I always put lemons in my water, however if I don’t have any my other option is to add 2 green tea bags)thumb_sam_0979_1024


16 Amazons Place, Jindalee


07 3167 3555


Open 7 days from 10:00am – 6:00pm

-F xo


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