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Little Taipei ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

Located along Papanui Road lies a little but cozy restaurant called Little Taipei, I still remember that day being cold and my parents and I were craving some Taiwanese food. Thanks to our good friend Zomato, we found this little gem. I can still recall being warmly welcomed by the staff; and due to our Chinese features, they spoke Mandarin to us.

We got shown to our seats and started off with some drinks, unfortunately I couldn’t find any photos, but I’m assuming we ordered tea… For our entrée we ordered their Taiwanese style hamburger, handmade spring onion pancake and vegetarian pan-fried dumplings.

The Taiwanese style hamburger consists of a steamed hot bun with braised pork belly, mild spicy pickles, coriander and a sweet peanut paste. (A must try!) *My apologies for the blurry photo!*


The pancakes were cooked nicely with the sides having a bit of crunch to it served with black vinegar dipping sauce.


The dumplings were also cooked nicely, not too burnt but just right with some crunch to it as well. It was also served with black vinegar dipping sauce.


We also ordered a combination-braised platter, and this dish consists of braised chicken gizzards, braised tofu and braised bean curd.


For mains we ordered a signature Taiwanese dish, Sanbeiji “Three Cups Chicken” This dish consists of chopped chicken drumsticks slow cooked with one cup of rice wine, one cup of sesame oil and one cup of soy sauce. Hence the name “Three Cups Chicken”. This was served with jasmine rice.


And of course you end the dinner with dessert! For dessert we ordered my all time favourite Taiwanese dessert: deep fried handmade buns drizzled with condensed milk. I really liked the way the buns cooked as it was nice and crunchy and the condensed milk was the perfect sauce to go with.



507 Papanui Road, Papanui,


-F xo


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