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Bull Bar Restaurant ~ Brisbane CBD

Located underground (literally) along Elizabeth Street is one of my favourite go-to Korean restaurants, Bull Bar, I find their meals worth the money paid for; and as a university student that’s one of the things I tend to look out for. As you walk down the stairs the staff instantly greets you warmly, and as you are being directed to your table the atmosphere is filled with upbeat K-Pop music, loud exciting conversations and the smell of authentic Korean cuisine.

As you are seated at your table you would notice that each table is separated by wooden boards, and on those boards are either drawings or messages left by customers. Each table has a button where you press to get the staff to write down your order, similar to Pappa Rich (if you haven’t read this post, click here!).


Here are a few photos that I have took from the times I have been there:

This is their popular fried chicken – you can choose whether to have it spicy, non-spicy or both! In my opinion I prefer the spicy flavour because I find the non-spicy without flavour, but it still has that nice crunch to it, whereas the chilli in the spicy brings quite a nice tingly sensation to the mouth (weird description but you got to try it so you know what I mean). The ratio of the sauce to the chicken is just right, because as you bite into the chicken, you can still feel that crunch and it doesn’t feel as if you’re biting into something soggy.



As well their meals are worth the money paid for; each meal comes with three complimentary side dishes which I love love love! Here is the Bibimbab with beef and the side dishes: mashed potato, camaremlised onions and kimchi. They also provide you with some spicy sauce separately to mix it in the Bibimbab, and of course I went with the “I didn’t choose the spicy life, the spicy life chose me” quote.


This photo was taken recently when I finished my morning class, and I was wondering where to have lunch since I had about 2 hours to spare when I thought to myself, “I haven’t been to Bull Bar in a while, might check it out!” So I went and they had lunch deals and I ordered myself a cold soba with pork cutlet. It was a hot day and the soba was so cool and refreshing, the pork was nice and crunchy and the sauce that came with it was a sweet soya sauce mixed with some mayonnaise. The side dishes were a pasta salad, kimchi and some sort of seaweed salad.


Lastly this photo that I miraculously found while scrolling through my phone the other day, is a spicy cold buckwheat noodle over ice, definitely a good dish to have on a hot humid day!



Shop 2, 85 Elizabeth Street


Monday – Friday: 11am – 1am

Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 1:30am

-F xo


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