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Garden Kitchen & Bar + Mei Wei Dumplings ~ Gold Coast

In December when my parents came for a visit, we drove down to the Gold Coast for 2 days with our friends for a catch up, shopping and of course eating! In this blog I’m going to talk about the two restaurants that I visited: Garden Kitchen & Bar and Mei Wei Dumplings; since we stayed at Jupiters Casino so these two restaurants were very convenient for us to go to. Both restaurants are located on the ‘Casino Level’.

Garden Kitchen & Bar

I remembered when they first opened and I saw on Instagram that most foodies either went to the opening of the restaurant or some just went later on, I said to myself, “I definitely must go try it out!” And I did, so I’m pretty excited to share with you all what I had and what my opinions are…

Caesar Salad with Salmon (minus the anchovies) – cos lettuce, poached egg, crispy bacon, Parmesan and croutons; I remembered when the waiter came with the dish my mum was like, “Oh look the salmon is made into looking like a flower and the lettuce are like the grass! Maybe that’s why the restaurant is called the Garden…” (Smart thinking mum, I wouldn’t have thought of that myself!). Anyway back to the taste, one word: DIVINE, the poached egg was cooked to perfection, just a tip of the knife and the delicious yolk is oozing out and the bacon was nice and crispy.


Garden Club Sandwich – crispy bacon, chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and chips; this was my first time having avocado in a club sandwich so it was interesting to see how it would taste compared to the usual club. Surprisingly it wasn’t bad! Maybe because I love avocados in general…but yes it was good. The bacon was again crispy; chicken was cooked well and of course the chips was nice and crunchy.


Eggs Benedict with Salmon – poached eggs on sourdough toast topped with hollandaise sauce; it was our last day in the GC and of course I wanted to say goodbye to my favourite restaurant by having breakfast here. I couldn’t decide what I wanted as everything on the breakfast menu looked delicious, eventually I ordered the eggs benedict. And again just like the Caesar salad, the eggs were cooked to perfection (both thumbs up!).


Matcha Latte – now this was quite a bummer for me. I would usually order a long black or flat white, but seeing the word ‘matcha’ got me all excited so of course I ordered it. Unfortunately it tasted like plain warm milk…no matcha taste whatsoever. And yes I was disappointed, at the end when the waitress was clearing up the table she asked if everything was good, and we said yes but I told her about what I thought about the latte. I added in, “It’s just my opinion,” because I understand that everyone has their own tastes and opinions, and the waitress was very understanding, and told me she would speak to the manager as they take customer’s opinions very seriously.


Mei Wei Dumplings

Also located inside Jupiters Casino, right opposite the casino is Mei Wei Dumplings. As it was our first time dining there, we weren’t sure of what the process was, the waiter told us that it’s similar to a food court style where we order the food at the counter, receive a buzzer and when it beeps the food is ready. In my opinion I’m okay with ordering the food at the counter but picking it up when it’s ready? Mind you the restaurant was quite small, and the dishes were heavy and as an inexperienced waitress I had trouble carrying 5 dishes on a tray and walking from the counter all the way to my table (I could hear Adele singing…hello from the other side!).

We ordered the following: Chinese seasonal greens with oyster sauce, sautéed green beans, hot and sour soup, Sichuan Dan Dan noodles, Shanghai fried pork, deep fried tofu and pork pot stickers. To be honest the food was average so I don’t really have much to say…


Vegetable fried rice – we were most disappointed with this dish, the bean sprouts were not cooked well, and the rice felt like it wasn’t fully cooked too. But then again I did understand it was a busy night and they were trying to serve the food as soon as possible. If I was to give my opinion, it would be to make the restaurant into a table service, in that way it’s safer for the customers especially families with children.



Broadbeach Island, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Hours for Garden Kitchen & Bar:

Breakfast: 7am – 11am

Lunch: 11:30am – 4pm

Dinner: 5pm – 10pm

Hours for Mei Wei Dumplings:

Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm

Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12am

For more information, please click here.

-F xo


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