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Cutty Sark Bar & Restaurant ~ Teneriffe

On February 2nd I had the opportunity to be invited by (thelifeofshiels) one of the chefs at Cutty Sark Bar & Restaurant to try out their “Chefs Choice Course” and I brought my friend, Serena (coconuts.for.coconuts), along as well. As it was our first time going to the restaurant, we decided it would be best to travel by bus as on their website it showed which bus to take so it was quite convenient because the bus stop was just across from the restaurant. Winand, the owner of the restaurant, greeted us and we were shown to our seats near the window, which had a great view of the river.




For drinks we ordered a jug of red sangria, and mind you I have never had it before, so at the end of the course I was pretty…how should I say…tipsy? Anyway! Since that day was hot the sangria was so nice and refreshing.


Now for the food that the chefs prepared for us:

Freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters with signature lemon and herb citrus dressing – I love how the dressing compliment the oysters really well as it was refreshing.


Tempura softshell crab with rocket and fennel salad, picked cucumber and mango salsa & 8-hour sousvide Australian octopus with house made pimenton aioli and fresh fennel salad – I’ll start off with the softshell crab first, usually when I order at other places they make the batter so thick that you can’t even taste the crab. But at Cutty Sark it was just right, you can still get that crunch of the batter and taste the cooked crab; and the octopus was cooked well and I really liked the aioli.


Crispy pork belly with cucumber, apple and tomato salad with pepper dressing and cauliflower puree – you know it’s good when you hear that beautiful sound of the knife cutting into the crackling skin…the cauliflower puree was smooth, creamy and buttery.


Chargrilled lamb with sousvide baby beetroot, marinated feta, ajo blanco and balsamic jus – now please just take a moment and look at how aesthetically this dish is set out. The lamb was cooked well and I’ve never had it paired with a balsamic dressing, so I was surprised how well it went together.


Tempura stuffed goats cheese zucchini flowers with sweet potato, smoked eggplant, pickled cabbage, toasted almond pimenton salt – if you are a fan of goats cheese, please promise me you’ll order this? I can feel my mouth watering as I’m reminiscing when I took one bite of it and the goats cheese is bursting out… #BestVegetarianDishIHaveEverTasted


Ricotta and spinach Malfatti with truffle cream, wild mushrooms, broccolini and kale chips – another #BestVegetarianDishIHaveEverTasted and also promise me you’ll order this too, I can literally have another plate of this because it’s just too good.


Now to my favourite part: DESSERT!

Mango panacotta with Khaffir lime crumb, marinated pineapple, meringue, fresh berries, coconut gel, ginger crisp & mango sorbet – if you’re a mango lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s nice and tangy but not too sour, and everything on the plate just went so well together.


Gluten free chocolate hazelnut cake with signature chocolate sauce, meringue, berry compote, vanilla ice cream, chocolate & orange mousse – as a chocolate lover I left this for last because you save the last for the best. As it’s gluten free the cake was so light and moist, I didn’t feel like I was eating a very heavy dessert so this is a must try!


Once again I just want to thank (thelifeofshiels) and (chef_matthewlee89) for delivering exceptional and delicious food! As the restaurant has been only opened for 6 months I was their first food blogger to be invited and I am really grateful to be that first person, as I never thought I would get the opportunity like this.


39 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe, QLD 4005


Monday – Closed

Tuesday: 6pm – 10pm

Wednesday & Thursday: 12pm – 10pm

Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 11pm

Sunday: 8am – 4pm (Breakfast starts at 8am; then Brunch & Live Music at 12pm)

For more information, please click here.

-F xo


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