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The Naked Fish ~ Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

When my parents told me that a new complex full of restaurants have been opened in PNG I was so excited to go back for a visit. We went there on a Sunday for lunch with our family friends and the first restaurant that we saw was ‘The Naked Fish’, a seafood restaurant, but of course they had steaks and pizzas.




When we were seated we ordered drinks and complimentary bread and butter were served. We started off with some bruschetta and their specials for the day included: seared tuna niçoise salad and prawn and avocado pizza, which we ordered. Since there were 6 of us, it wasn’t enough food so we ended up ordering some garlic bread and chips (I didn’t take photos…sorry!)



Bruschetta with sweet tomato and basil topping – when it was brought to our table I was surprised to see the way it was set out because the bruschetta that I usually order, already has the toppings on top. Nevertheless the toppings were fresh, sweet, and tangy and the bruschetta was nice and crunchy.


Seared Tuna Niçoise Salad – when I saw this I immediately thought of the scene from White Chicks when they were having the ‘Yo Mama’ battle and when ordering it, I couldn’t control my laughter that I had to point out to the waitress what I wanted. It was my first time trying it and I really enjoyed it, however the potatoes were not fully cooked so that was the downside to the dish.


Prawn & Avocado Pizza – of all pizzas I’ve had in PNG, this would definitely have to be my favourite! I love the way they made their pizza crust; it wasn’t too thin or thick, almost like the classic crust from Domino’s. The prawns were cooked well and avocados were perfectly ripe, two thumbs up!


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Harbourside West Building,

Stanely Esplanade, Downtown Port Moresby


Sunday – Wednesday: 6am – 10pm

Thursday – Saturday: 6am – 2am

-F xo


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